NEW RELEASE! The Journeys Begin: Ora

Read the Journey that Started a Family Tradition through Generations!

In 1864, the city of Atlanta surrenders to the Union Army, and Ora Harding and her family prepare to leave everything behind, including their slaves. Instead of planning for her debutante ball, Ora finds herself on a journey filled with heartbreak, trepidation, and danger.

Soon alone, Ora hears a guiding voice that leads her north, but she is a Confederate with a strong southern accent venturing deep into Yankee territory. Can she trust this voice?

During a storm, she encounters a hooded man on a wagon. He offers her a ride that will change her life.

This is the first novella of the exciting prequel series to Jenelyn’s Journey. It’s the story of Jenelyn’s three-time great-grandmother, Ora, and how her perilous Journey during the Civil War shaped the future of an entire family.

Jenelyn’s Journey: The Werewolf of Wittlich

Read the intriguing first book in the Jenelyn’s Journey series to explore different countries and real-life legends! This exciting series is filled with travel, mystery, and the supernatural. Eighteen-year-old Jenelyn follows her family’s strange tradition to go on a quest to find their true homes called the Journey. Along the way, she faces personal challenges, mystery, and mythical legends.

Where reality meets fantasy a legend turns into a mystery.

A dark legend and a tragic secret create a dangerous mystery but in order to solve it, Jenelyn must put her own life at risk.

Alone for the first time in her life, Jenelyn must face the challenge of starting her Journey. A quest that all members of her family embark upon when they turn eighteen. Guided by her Spirits, she must leave behind everyone she knows and travels from LA to Germany. Luckily she has help; two of her parent’s friends, Gretchen and Laszlo, have offered to host her, but beneath their friendly nature lies a dark family secret and an alluring legend of werewolves that haunts the small German town.

Will Jenelyn be able to find out what really happened? Or will her Spirits guide her to her next destination before she can learn the truth?

Readers who enjoy travel, adventure, fantasy, and personal growth will love being Jenelyn’s companion as she sets out to find where in the world she truly belongs.

Tom’s Song

An abusive father. A dominant grandmother. And a boy with the voice of an angel.

Set in the early 20th century, Tom Holland is a young boy with an extraordinary talent for singing. Yet despite his love for music, his father and grandmother find it feminine and forbid him to follow his dream of becoming a professional opera singer. Through a serendipitous meeting, he meets Sebastian Gallo, a retired opera singer, who takes him under his wing and begins secretly teaching him. Tom enters singing competitions, meets a love interest, and discovers a new world outside his own. But a series of unfortunate events threatens Tom’s dream, and he’s forced to face the darkness of his past before looking ahead to the light of his future.

Tom’s Song is a story of challenges, dreams, and a determined spirit to overcome all odds. It’s a story that teaches hope despite defeat, and that as long as there’s hope, defeat cannot exist.